Getting in the Right Zone

I have a confession…… I was well outside my comfort zone when I recently attended one of Richard McCann’s Speaker Bookcamps. I’ve had to do bits of public speaking through out my career, but it is not something that comes naturally. Around ten minutes prior to going on stage, I tend to develop a knotted feeling in my stomach and my voice becomes so croaky I start to sound more like Marge Simpson than me.


Nurturing Your Intuition

On a recent trip to London, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Alchemist Tayo Irvine Hendrix. Tayo leads a quite extraordinary life as a healer, musician, mentor, author and philanthropist. Tayo is what I would call an ‘Intuitive Type’, a person with hunches whose chief concern is with future possibilities. People like Tayo seem able to sense the invisible and when the universe is trying to tell them something.


The Science & Art of Motivation

Over the last few days I’ve been preparing a ‘Guide to the science & art of motivation’, which features unique insights from The Alchemists on their remarkable journeys.

The Oxford English dictionary definition seems to make the concept of motivation sound very simple; ‘the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.’


The Currency of Life

My good friend Andrew Rzepa sent me a book recently. I’ve been on a reading frenzy this year. Amazon shares are booming and my postman is starting to look more and more peeved each time he knocks on my door with another heavy parcel.

“Great”, I thought, “I’ll add it to the bottom of my ‘books to read’ pile”. Then, the title of book caught by eye, “Wellbeing – The Five Essential Elements”.


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